Jean-Louis Crinon
Who is Jean-Louis Crinon?
The sculpting adventure started around 20 years ago, while watching the movie 'The Killer Clowns from outer Space", during one of those late nights where you cannot find sleep... I found the movie so incredible, surreal by it's ideas, characters, and designs, that I decided to try myself at sculpting one of these little guys.  The baby clown coming out of the toilet, attacking one of the heros, was my choice!

 I am a model maker since I was a child, thanks to my more than wonderful grandmother, always very supportive of my hobby, as well as the supplier of planes, boats, tanks, rockets, and finally, when I grew older, Napoleonic historic figures.  I learned at that time to paint with oil colors, using old school techniques.  These days I still paint EVERYTHING with a brush, since I don't know how to use an airbrush.  When i moved to the USA around 12 years ago, and a little while before the "baby clown story", I started to create and supply 1/6th scale monster collectors with display bases that i would sculpt out of plaster, mold, and cast in resin.  Then I oriented my work toward sculpting, molding, casting, and painting of more and more figures.  Finally, after being rewarded with a gold award from the publication Spectrum 8 (the ultimate reward for me), I ended up creating my own designs and characters like 'Little Pumpkin Head", "Count Von Krolock", "Lucie", and fnally "Diabolo" and "Kroack the Zombird" who would both be featured in Spectrum 9 (a great priviledge for me, even if I did not win!!).  Finally, I had the great opportunity to sculpt a series of busts for Dark Horse Comic Books as well as a few toys for Slave Labor Graphics, as well as a few new projects.

It would be improper and inappropriate for me not to mention the following people and artists who are intricately involved directly and/or indirectly during all these years.  Please bear with me if I have forgotten to put you on the list.
  • Anthony Quarm, who designed and put together this site with a special touch that passed way over my expectations.
  • David Scroggy, from Dark Horse Comics
  • Dan Vado, from Slave Labor Graphics
  • The Chodo Brothers, who probably will never know how much they have changed my life!
  • Everyone in the garage kits industry
  • Amazing Figures Modelers, Modeler Resources, Kitbuilders Magazine for their constant support about my work for the last 10 years.
  • Ghosts, goblins, gargoyles, vampires, monsters, and creatures of all kind and the multitude of creatures of the night.
  • All Goth\Ambient\Experimental\Industrial bands and crowd as well as classical music composers, and ethnic bands - you are with me every time I lock myself in my shop.
I will not omit to say how touched I have been all these years to have all of you people who spent they very hard earned dollars to purchase some of my work!  What a rush!!!  This special moment is to realize that you want my sculptures to belong to you!

And last, but not least, THANK YOU Grandma for your love, support, and devotion!  All this never would have happened if you never were there.  I miss you terribly since you left this planet, when you decided to leave and explore other parts of the universe.... Would you be proud of me?